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Rooftop Season & SkyLounge

At The Mason, we know these are unusual times as bars and restaurants begin to close for the next few weeks. However, on the bright side, spring is right around the corner, which (hopefully) means nicer weather is on its way as well bringing some much needed relief. Our amenity spaces continue to offer room to enjoy with your neighbors. The rooftop terraces and SkyLounge are some of our favorite spaces to enjoy, offering a variety of places to relax and enjoy our amazing views.


Rooftop season is right around the corner and luckily, you don’t have to travel far to take advantage of one of the best rooftops in Fulton Market- it’s right at home! With stunning views overlooking the Chicago skyline, our rooftop terrace offers the perfect place to get out and enjoy the spring-like weather. Sip a drink with friends, or just enjoy some fresh air overlooking the city and West Loop.


However, as Chicagoans, we also know that this weather likely won’t stick around every weekend, which is why we enjoy our SkyLounge just as much. Take in the views, even when it’s not sunny and 60 degrees out with large windows opening up onto the city day and night. Our SkyLounge has multiple spaces that allow for groups big and small to comfortably get together and hang out. The kitchen and bar offer enough space to serve up your favorite dish or cocktail, and plenty of seating for everyone to gather around. Enjoy the big game with our large TV and fire place, or set up your favorite games and beat your friends in a good old fashioned game night. The Private Dining Room is also the perfect space for smaller, private gatherings, like a birthday or group dinner, all while still overlooking the same great views of the city and greater Chicagoland. There are also multiple places for you to set up and work from home, allowing you to get out of your apartment, while still not having to travel far. So whether it’s enjoying getting a start on rooftop season, or enjoying a relaxing night-in, The Mason has plenty of amazing spaces perfect for any occasion.